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Auckland Carpet Cleaner

The Auckland Carpet Cleaner

The Process steps of a professional Auckland carpet cleaner

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1st Step. Pre Inspection

Our Auckland carpet cleaner will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpets. He will identify potential permanent stains as well as give you an evaluation of expected results.

2nd Step. Commercial Dry Vacuum

Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. This is usually done by a pre-clean and past with a truck mount carpet cleaner or an upright vacuum.

3rd Step. Shifting Furniture

Our carpet cleaners pre-shift chairs, tables, lounge suites. Dressers. Also, beds and other heavier pieces are left in place with our standard pricing. In fact, our Auckland carpet cleaners can give you a price for our of standard work in shifting larger or heavy furniture.

4th Step.  Pre-spray Shampoo

A shampoo carpet cleaners solution is sprayed onto the carpets to break down heavy traffic area. In short, dirt and general stain spots for best results.

5th Step. Spot Stain Removal

Stain and spots are sprayed. Surely treated by our Auckland carpet cleaners with special shampoo solutions to increase chances of spot stain removal.

6th Step.  Fibre Agitation

A professional carpet cleaner groomer is used to help remove stubborn dirt.

7th Step. Steam Clean Carpet Cleaner

The carpets are then steam cleaned with a powerful steam extraction carpet cleaner machine such as, to remove all soil, germs, solution, solutions, and other residues.

8th Step. Post-Cleaning Groom

Although some carpeting requires post cleaning groom to assure there is no fiber distortion. Thus pile such a cut pile is like hair it sets where it dries. Steam n Dry Auckland carpet cleaners do this without extra cost.

9th Step. Post Cleaning Check

Steam n Dry Auckland carpet cleaner service technicians will check the cleaning results. For example to its a good job and that you are happy with our work.

Auckland Carpet Cleaners Methods

In detail, there are a number of methods and companies offers a wide variety of carpet cleaning services. The question is, what are these carpet cleaners methods and which ones work? Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common types of carpet cleaning used worldwide. Steam n Dry Auckland carpet cleaners service in particular like West, East, South Auckland City, and, North Shore. 


Probably the least effective method. Best suited for low pile commercial carpet that is highly soiled. Unless it is used with some other type of carpet cleaning. Therefore has no extraction in the cleaning process but rather depends on vacuuming after the shampoo dries.

Dry Foam

This method is very similar to shampooing in that it relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action. Which is usually counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. The difference is that the solution is whipped into a foam and applied right before the brushes instead of a liquid as in shampooing. This does allow for faster drying times.


In this type of cleaning sometimes referred to as ‘Dry Cleaning’ too. The cleaning product (sometimes mixed with carbonated water) is misted onto the carpet in the form of a spray. This method may be considered as an interim cleaning between more effective deep cleanings.

Dry Powder

This method has the fastest drying times of all carpet cleaning methods. It has the advantage of being able to be walked on almost immediately after cleaning. Similar to the Bonnet method, dry powder cleaning does a fairly good job of cleaning the top 1/3 of the fiber that is visible if it is not heavily soiled.

Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning and also known as ‘hot water extraction’. Actually, it is the most effective method for carpet cleaners. It involves injecting hot water and detergents into the carpet and then vacuuming out the water, detergent, and soils. With a powerful vacuum system that can be either portable or truck mounted.

auckland carpet cleanerOne of the biggest areas of confusion for homeowners looking for a quality carpet cleaning company is deciding which cleaning method to use. The answer to this question will be determined by which aspects of each method are most important to you.

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