5 Top Carpet Cleaning Methods – Which Is the Best?

Whether you decide to go with a professional carpet cleaning company or you choose to apply a do it yourself carpet cleaning project, there are a variety of cleaners and cleaning methods that you can use. We’ll discuss the top five carpet cleaners which are dry powder, bonnet (a dry cleaner), dry foam, shampoo, and hot water extraction (a steam cleaner).

Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods #1 – Dry Shampoo Carpet Cleaners

The shampoo dry cleaning method uses a brush that is circular and has a motor attached. A foam carpet cleaner is applied and the circular brush is applied to scrub in the foam. The motor brush agitates the foam and is a great method for a commercial carpet that is considered low pile. A low cut carpet pile that is especially filthy is also a good candidate for the dry shampoo carpet cleaner.

If you do not use this type of dry carpet cleaner with another carpet cleaner method, you will not have to worry about extracting left over messes later on. After applying and scrubbing in the shampoo dry cleaner, you will only need to do a little vacuuming once you leave the shampoo to dry. Unfortunately, this is not the best carpet cleaning method as it can leave behind a lot of residue. You can also spend a lot of time waiting for the shampoo to dry on your carpet.

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods #2 – Dry Foam Carpet Cleaners

The dry foam carpet cleaning method is very close to shampooing your rugs and carpets but it relies heavily on the use of the motor, circular brush. The cleaner before it is applied, will be turned into foam that you will spread over the soiled carpet. Unlike the shampoo, you will not need to add a wet cleaner to get the job done. Without liquid applied, the foam cleaner will allow for a dryer carpet in a short amount of time.

Many foam dry cleaning systems come with its own vacuum but you need the foam product to leave a flaky, dry residue so that it can be pulled into the vacuum cleaner. The fry foam method has some of the same flaws as the shampoo cleaner and it does not provide a way to deep clean your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Methods #3 – Bonnet Dry Cleaners

The bonnet dry cleaning method is usually referred to as a “dry cleaning” because it is often added to water that is carbonated such as seltzer water and it is then sprayed onto a carpet in a fine mist. A circular buffer is then used with a pad that can absorb extra moisture. As the buffer moves over the carpet, soil and dirt will transfer to the pad and you will simply need to remove the dirty pad and replace it with one that is clean.

The bonnet cleaning dries quickly and it cleans the three top layers of your carpets that you can visually see. Since you do not extract anything from the carpets, the bonnet prevents any deep cleaning action and this method should be used as a way to keep the carpet looking good between real deep carpet cleaning methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method #4 – Dry Power Carpet Cleaners

To use the dry powder, sprinkle the product over the soiled carpet and use a circular or cylinder shaped brush to scrub the dry powder deep into the carpet. The carpet will dry very quickly and you will need to get a vacuum so that it can take away left over powder and dirt that was knocked loose during scrubbing. Because the powder cleaning dries very quickly, you will be able to use your carpet in a very short time after you have cleaned it.

Like the bonnet cleaner, the power will only clean one third of that you can visually see and it will not provide a deep carpet cleaning that may be needed. Another flaw in the dry powder method is that it will need a very strong vacuum that is not available to most homeowners. You will have to rent one that is usually used commercially for businesses. If a low powered vacuum fails to remove all of the excess powder and dirt, you can find yourself with a bigger problem when it is time to get your carpet clean again.

Best Carpet Cleaning Method #5 – Hot Water Extraction

Often called steam cleaning, the hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that applies a cleaning agent that is hot. The solution is pressurized and it will be extracted almost immediately by a vacuum. The now soiled cleaning agent will sit in a tank until it is later removed in a system for sanitized waste.

The hot water extractor is one of the best carpet cleaning methods because it can give your carpets a really great deep cleaning and large carpet companies like Dupont, Mohawk and Queen actually prefers the hot water extractor.

The only downside to the hot water method is that it will take a longer time to dry than the previous carpet cleaning methods. For more expensive carpets that are higher in quality, the warranty labels will sometime require that you have them cleaned with a hot water extractor every eighteen months so you do not void the warranty.

There are different kinds of hot water extractors and they are not all the same. There are 3 specific kinds of equipment used for hot water extraction and they include:

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Homeowner/Rental – This equipment is ok for a smaller cleaning job that is usually found in a home such a carpet spills. However, these machines do not have the amount of power needed for a really good deep cleaning.

Portable Professional Equipment – Much more powerful, these machines may have two outlet cords that need to be plugged in. If you know how to use these portables, they can be a great tool to getting a really clean carpet and they can fit in hard to reach places that other cleaners cannot.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Mounted On a Truck – A regular carpet can be cleaned with just five hundred pounds of pressure but these heavy machinery cleaning equipment can go up to one thousands pounds. They heat water up to 180 degrees or higher and their vacuums are intensely powerful. This equipment can cost a lot but they provide some of the best results for carpet cleaning.

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